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Do we support Brocade 804 FC HBA with ESXi 5.0?

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Do we support Brocade 804 FC HBA with ESXi 5.0?

Terri had a customer question:




Is ESX 5 supported with the Brocade 804 FC HBA? If so, are there recommended drivers?


Customer has installed ESXi 5.0 on BL465c G7 and the OS does not see the FC HBA at all. This is on 3 new blade servers - all new setup.




Info from Brian:




Use the below driver :


VMware ESXi 5.0 Driver for Brocade HBAs and CNAs


This driver CD release includes support for version of the Brocade BFA driver on ESXi 5.0. The BFA driver supports FC component of the Brocade 1860, 825, 425, 815, 415 and 804 Adapters and the FCoE component of the Brocade 1860, 1020, 1010, 1007 and 1741 Adapters


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MD5SUM: 99e1f695b1adb93a8356d331ec4b63d6
SHA1SUM: 2f6d61b10937bab2f3a0702dd1631c394c2c5bed

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