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Dual-Stack IPv4/6 on same Network Interface Controller (NIC)

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Dual-Stack IPv4/6 on same Network Interface Controller (NIC)

John had an IP address question:




I have a customer who is testing ipv6 on their Application and come across a situation where they need to dual-stack ipv4/6 on the same nic, They are currently using  VC Flex10 module with BL460G6 & BL620G7 Blade Servers.


They want to provide an "ethernet network"  with two external network references.  Is creating VLan Tags the best way to achieve this or does anybody have a best practice guide available?


Any help or advice you can provide would be much appreciated.




Chris replied:




VC Flex-10 does not know about IPv4 or IPv6 – (this is Layer 3 – routing layer).  VC Flex-10 operates in a lower layer (Layer 2) of the networking stack i.e. Ethernet layer.


Ethernet packets will carry whatever payload they are given e.g. IPv4, ICMP, IPv6 etc.  I am pretty sure that some people could carry more exotic protocols too, at least on Linux and Solaris hosts – OSI, DECnet, LAT, etc.






Dan also chimed in:




Yes, for example if you install a modern version of Windows you’re getting both stacks on the same NIC by default.  You actually have to turn it off if you don’t want it.




Any other comments or questions?