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E200i RAID controller or HP HD SMART problem?

Occasional Contributor

E200i RAID controller or HP HD SMART problem?

I have a strange problem with a bl460c G1 blade.


I get several confusing failures:


E200i failure: 1783 POST with cmd 0h, err 00h, dlu 02581:0h error

when I change IRQ in BIOS en set it back the errror is gone


But I get another error:

1720 Both HD's, which were OK are supposed to have both SMART errors and should be replaced.

I also het 1719 sometimes.


I upgraded firmware to 1.84. I cannot het 1.85 or 1.86 on it since I run ESX on it.


Any ideas, what is actually wrong?



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: E200i RAID controller or HP HD SMART problem?

If you can't install from the OS - you can boot the server on the Firmware Maintenance DVD (or nowadays called HP SPP DVD).

Which smart errors are you seeing? Are they increasing?