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EG0300 Hot Plug Drives and Storage Blade D2200sb Issues

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EG0300 Hot Plug Drives and Storage Blade D2200sb Issues



I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced a high failure rate of the following drive type:


Part 507129-B21, EG0300Fxxxx with various firmware levels


The failure follows the same pattern, drive loses communication with the array controller showing "error" in the SMH and fail light on the drive, the drive is popped and re-inserted at HP Support request, drive recovers for a while [up to two weeks] then fails again.


HP say they aren't aware of any issues with these drives, even though I currently have three open cases and two resolved cases this year plus two drives in "suspect" status at the moment. The failed drives are all less than a year old and are installed in different types of hardware, blade servers, storage blades and full sized servers.


Also, similarly with the StorageWorks D2200sb, part AP880A. I have had three fail in six weeks. The symptoms are initially reported as capacitor failure, replacement sent out by HP, then the write cache fails immediately the capacitor is changed, replacement sent out by HP, followed by the blade system board giving up the ghost. None of these devices was more than a year old, altough two have consecutive serial numbers which may hint at a bad batch. Again HP are unaware of an issue with this hardware.





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Re: EG0300 Hot Plug Drives and Storage Blade D2200sb Issues