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Emulex FlexibleLOMB firmware information

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Emulex FlexibleLOMB firmware information



Don asked:




What is the easiest way to find the firmware level for the Emulex FLB on a running ESX Gen8 server?  I have looked through the OA but the firmware levels for the blades only cover the BIOS and iLO.




Input from Chad:




From the ESXi server in the vSphere client, either connected directly to the server or via vCenter:




-          From the console of an ESXi server, you have a couple of choices

  • Ethtool -i vmnic# with number being the vmnic number



  • For firmware versions of all components
    • §  /usr/lib/vmware/vm-support/bin/





Input from Hans:




Another way of finding FW and Driver levels (not only from the NIC’s) is by generating the vm-support dump file and uploading that tgz file to the VM-Support Analyzer portal. That portal will make a textfile conaining ‘all’ the info you need. (and probably much more)



1)      Making the vm-support dump file:

  1.  The VMware console is displayed. Login as root.
  • At the VMware [root@ESX1 ~] prompt, type /usr/bin/vm-support and press enter.
  • When the vm-support script has completed, note the output file name (we will call this the vm-support file), then type logout to logout of the VMware server.
  • Copy the tgz file to your laptop so you can upload it to the analyzer portal on our intranet



VM-support analyzer portal:



Remark: The VM-support analyzer portal can only handle 5.x dumps.




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