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Enclosure C7000

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Enclosure C7000

How many blade enclosures can you fit in a standart size rack? (42U)

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Re: Enclosure C7000

Hi ,


A C7000 enclosure is 10U high so you can install 4 enclosures in 1 42U rack.


Do not forget the weight of a fully equiped enclosure which can go up to +250 kgs...

So a full rack would be more than +1000 kgs... Not all floors in a server room supports that amount of weight...




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Re: Enclosure C7000

Some DCs also have a problem providing that much power and taking care of that much potential heat as well.

Need at least 2 x 60A circuits to power 4 enclosures and ideally would really want to go with 4 x 50A.