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End of Support Life for Bl460c G1, G6, G7?

Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

End of Support Life for Bl460c G1, G6, G7?

I've searched a number of links in this forum and I still don't have a good lead to how I can determine the likely or proposed date of End of Support Life for Bl460c G1, G6, G7.


The best I have found is that these blades are "retired" now and that it is typical that 5years after "retirement" they are usually put in EOSL. Is this true? Is there a link with a matrix of dates that can reasonably be searched or viewed that is specific to this need? 60-days of heads-up isn't enough.


Also is there even a link to a document that describes the policies of "retire" vs. "end of life" vs. "end of support life" etc etc?


Finally, is there a good link where I can go search bulletins?


I can go through my CS guys, but I also like to be able to look this stuff up myself.


For my reference this link gets me to "retired" list:

Honored Contributor

Re: End of Support Life for Bl460c G1, G6, G7?

While there is a document for HP-UX based servers describing this, I am not aware that there is a pubic one for ProLiant servers.   The HPUX doc does describe the different terms a bit you are asking about:


The best means I can advise to check on retired dates is by the QuickSpec /Product Bulletin documents.  The main site is here:


Good luck navigating and searching this site.  What used to be nice and straigtforward is now very ineffective in trying to find what you are looking for.    Once you find the quickspecs document, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a "retired" message that indicates a date.   EOSL is typically 5 years from this date as you have found.



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