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Flash-Based Write Cache (FBWC) question on BL460c G7

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Flash-Based Write Cache (FBWC) question on BL460c G7

Ivan had a question on the cache in the BL460c G7




We purchased some BL460c G7’s with P410i with 512MB FBWC

We will be using these as ESXi hosts


Is the FBWC automatically “enabled” when installed or do we need to explicitly set this in the BIOS?

The default “Drive Write Cache” setting seems to be disabled.




From Velayutham:




Yes Ivan.


By default, FBWC -> enabled and Drive Write cache -> disabled.




From Hiro:




“Drive Write Cache” means each HDD’s cache.

It is recommended to be disabled.


FBWC is automatically enabled when capacitor is charged.




Any other comments or help for Ivan?