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Full and half height server mix in c7000

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Full and half height server mix in c7000

Ramu had a c7000 server question:






I'm aware that this issue was well discussed long time back, but I'm not able to find the mails on this. Need your help.


My customer wants to have 5* BL680G5 servers and 6* BL460G6 servers in a c7000 enclosure.


We ordered one coupler option kit (part # 412150-B21) with the enclosure and hence we are able to install 4* BL460G6 servers along with 5 full height servers.


But there is no coupler available for the last 2* BL460G6 servers. If we install these 2 servers without any coupler, then the bottom server has to be shutdown whenever we service the top server. Any help with this situation?





Derek answered:





The answer is no I'm afraid - the half height divider spans two full slots


The issue is described very clearly in quickspecs if you need more info on it - for the BL460 blades you will either need to leave slot empty in that enclosure for a future BL620  etc, and move the two BL460 blades to a new enclosure, OR leave the top half of what I describe as slot 5 empty, and move one of the BL460;s to another enclosure


Hope this helps.




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Re: Full and half height server mix in c7000



We are also in the same scenario, we are not able to put the 6th bl 460c g7, as we have got 5 bl 860c i2 servers already in place. Can we order

412150-B21  HP BLC SERVER BLANK W/COUPLER OPT and install the sixth server.