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Fusion-IO card (BL 460c) => NOT found

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Fusion-IO card (BL 460c) => NOT found



i have a problem with the fusion io card (type B mezzanine slot) on a BL 460c system with 2 CPUs.


the system can not found the fusion io card.


we also checked the fusion-io manuals.


we checked different operating-systems (win2012, win2008) ... now i'm on the cent os 6.5.


fio-status => no device were found ...

fio-pci-check => nothing

scanning PCIe device with lspci => nothing

fio-update-iodrive => "Error: No fusion devices found"


what else could i try/do?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Fusion-IO card (BL 460c) => NOT found

Taking the OS out of the mix, does the hardware see the card? Does the device show up in RBSU unde PCE Devices?  I'm not familiar with that Mezz card, does it display a ROM message during POST?



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Re: Fusion-IO card (BL 460c) => NOT found

thank you for reply!

we contact your hardware supply and we will send the hardware to them, that they check the hardware for us.