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G7 Blade RBSU BIOS setting - VMware ESXi 5 - Power settings

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G7 Blade RBSU BIOS setting - VMware ESXi 5 - Power settings

Paul had a power setting and VMware:




VMware recommends in their performance best practices for VMware vSphere 5 - Power Management BIOS settings, to allow ESXi to control CPU power-saving features,

so recommend to set power management in the BIOS to “OS Controlled Mode” or equivalent.


This means for G7: Power Management Options menu > HP Power Regulator > OS Control Mode (not default).

OS Controlled for Intel G7 means: Processors run in the maximum power and performance state, unless the OS enables a power management policy.


Now my question:

what will be the best recommended corresponding HP Power Profile setting, to support VMware’s recommended “OS Control Mode”?




Input from Dan:




Page 8 here describes what is changed when you change the HP Power Profile.


I don’t see an OS Controlled mode listed.


Power Profile can be changed via iLO but all other settings would require CONREP or F10 during boot.