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G7 Blades in original C7000 Enclosure?

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G7 Blades in original C7000 Enclosure?

Fedy aksed a blades server compatibiliy question:




Quick one: will all the new G7 blades work OK in the original C7000 (with small insight display) and C3000 enclosure?




We had a couple of answers:




First was Lawrence: 

Hi Fredy,


I would imagine that it would be OK.  There is no physical restriction, and the display size of the original enclosure should have no bearing on the blade inserted.  Whilst I have not tested this, I have tried a BL460cG6 in an original C7000 and it was fine.


As a side note, if you have VC, you should consider upgrading the VC firmware to 3.10, as this supports the new G7 blades.

From the VC firmware version 3.10 download pages:

Enhancements/New Features:
     •Support for HP ProLiant BL 460c G7 server. 
     •Support for HP NC522m Dual Port Flex-10 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter.
     •Removed VCM requirement for Primary/Secondary VC Interconnect modules to be placed in I/O bays 1 and 2.
     •Support for Brocade 804 8Gb FC hBA for HP BladeSystem c-Class.
     •Provides the ability to display Fibre Channel and Ethernet port statistics via the VCM CLI.

Problems Fixed:
     •Dot1dBasePortMTUExceededDiscards incrementing even with jumbo frames enabled.


Then David in Product Management chimed: 

Hello Fredy,


The G7 blades are 100% compatible with the c3000 and c7000 enclosures.




Good news! Any other comments?

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Re: G7 Blades in original C7000 Enclosure?

Monty wanted to make sure the Onboard Administrator was at the right version:




The OA firmware version required to support G7 blades in any c3000 or c7000 enclosure is OA v3.11.




Thanks Monty!