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Gen8 P721 Raid Controller question

Trusted Contributor

Gen8 P721 Raid Controller question

Adam has a storage controller question:




Can you put a P721 in Mezz slot 1 to allow for D2700 connectivity for Direct Attach Storage?


The reason I am asking is Salesbuilder will not allow me to add the P721 Raid controller in Mezz slot 1. What is the reason behind this? Is this supported or what are the restrictions/implications?


I am using 6gig SAS switches in Interconnect module 3 and 4 on the C7000 Chassis.




Input from Todd:




It is not supported in slot 1.  Put the card in slot 2 and as it is a 4 port card you can map to interconnect bays 7 and 8 for connection to the DAS based storage.  The slot types are different in the BL460c Gen8 server

  • x16 PCIe 3.0 Type A (supports Type A mezzanine cards) (expansion slot 1).
    NOTE: This expansion slot supports dual-port mezzanine cards: one port is routed to interconnect module bay 3 and the other to bay 4.
  • x16 PCIe 3.0 Type B (supports Type A and Type B mezzanine cards (expansion slot 2).
    NOTE: This expansion slot supports dual-port and quad-port mezzanine cards. For dual-port cards, one port is routed to interconnect module bay 5 and the other to bay 6. For quad-port cards, one port is routed to interconnect module bay 5, one to bay 6, one to bay 7, and one to bay 8.
    NOTE: A second processor must be installed (in processor slot 2) to have access to the second expansion slot (expansion slot 2).


I am assuming that you are doing a VDI solution.  This is called out in the RA with the mixed workloads.


Additional 3Gb/s SAS switches are added to the back interconnects to support the P4800. The P4800 requires separate 3Gb/s SAS switches, which by default are placed in interconnect bays 5 and 6. The 6Gb/s SAS switches are placed in bays 7 and 8 to support the HP Smart Array P721m controllers. The SAS manager for each switch pair will only see the storage associated with those switches as long as the cabling is done correctly. This also assumes all correct firmware versions for the Onboard Administrator, SAS switches and blades. Please check with your local service representative for complete HP recommendations.




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