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Good Integrity tool for firmware updates

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Good Integrity tool for firmware updates

Here is a document on how to use the HP Smart Update Manager with Integrity blades:


This document is updated when new methods and/or new FW components are introduced.

Frequently Asked Questions and other details are provided at the end of this document.

A new firmware update method was introduced in May 2010 starting with the new Integrity server

blades that were released. This method uses a tool, HP Smart Update Manager, that comes bundled

with the FW update packages. Previous Firmware update methods will continue to support systems

shipped prior to 2010.

In May 2011 a new version of HPSUM will be provided in the Firmware bundle. The enhancements


Flash screens providing information on the FW update

New User Interface showing errors and warning messages in one screen

The reboot delay is now the default behavior

Some dependencies are now managed by the utility.

Able to specify more than one repository source that contains the new firmware you want to

update to

Ablilty to generate reports in XML or HTML format

A new support utility provided in the bundle so that when issues are encountered that you

want to report to HP Support , the utility will gather the log files needed to troubleshoot the



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