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Re: HP BL360 Gen 8 ethernet not connected

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HP BL360 Gen 8 ethernet not connected

hi there,

Firstly I am new to HP blades, so I will appreciate som help on this. We have a C7000 exclosure with 14 BL460c Gen7 blades inserted and working normally. All are running XenServer 6.2.

I have purchased 2 BL460c Gen8's to go into the last 2 Bays. These are inserted and powered on, but the NIC's on these are showing as disconnected. Assigning IP's within Xenserver does not help. I can get to the iLO of these and have tried everything to get these working. They both have HP Flexfabric 10gb 2-port 554FLB adapters in them.

On the onboard administrator web page, both of these are showing as not configured for virtual connect. But when trying to connet to the virtual connect manager, the page times out. The IP address that has been set for virtual connect does not ping.

Please help!

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Re: HP BL360 Gen 8 ethernet not connected

need to access virtual connect manager

so first need ip address on virtual connect

how are registred ip address for this C7000 (OA,Static,DHCP server)

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Re: HP BL360 Gen 8 ethernet not connected

The active on board administrator for this enclosure has been assigned a static IP address.

I do not know what the IP address of virtual connect is, hence why I am having this trouble.