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HP BL460C G7 CPU Part numbers needed.

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HP BL460C G7 CPU Part numbers needed.

Pramod had a CPU part number question:




What is the difference between BL460C G7 CPU part numbers 612890-L21 & 612890-B21 ? I believe that technically they are the same and L21 is the first CPU and can be ordered only with a blade. Is that correct  ?


Client has multiple BL460C G7 server and they have removed CPUs from some servers and added in to other blades. Now they have a single BL460C G7 server without any CPU and they want to order two dual core CPUs for the blade. Which part I should order ?


Qty. 2 X 612890-B21   ???




Reply from Andrey:





Use P/N: 612890-B21  



P/N: 612890-L21 is a first CPU for CTO servers, -B21 is for addon CPU




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Re: HP BL460C G7 CPU Part numbers needed.

Yes….Just to clarify…. "All configure-to-order processor kits (i.e. xxxxxx-L21) contain one (1) processor. If two processors are desired, select one xxxxx-L21 and one xxxxxx-B21. "

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Re: HP BL460C G7 CPU Part numbers needed.

Why the B21...why not two L21's