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HP Blade Server Move

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HP Blade Server Move

Good afternoon everyone, I'm in the process of trying to move one of my HP Blade servers from 1 chassis to another. In this case, a BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure to a BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure G2. Is this compatible, as I've tried to move the blade server and it won't fit into the new location. Is there a guide of blade server compatibility or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Dre
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Re: HP Blade Server Move



As far as I know ALL BL series servers will physically fit into a c7000-G2 enclosure. The key may be that the OA is running a newer version that does not support the generation of server you are moving. The release notes for the OA version that the newer enclosure is running will have supported blades and interconnects listed as well as any problems or "gotcha's" with workarounds.