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HP CloudSystem Matrix split on 2 locations

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HP CloudSystem Matrix split on 2 locations

Kim had an HP CloudSystem Matrix question:





I need some help here


A customer buy a CloudSystem Matrix starter kit, with HP FibreChannel storage and place it location A.

Then he add an expansion to the CloudSystem Matrix starter kit on the same location A.


Then he need more capacity, but would like to expand the CloudSystem Matrix to a second location, so he buy a second expansion unit for the CloudSystem Matrix, and place it on site location B


  • Is this supported??
  • What are the limitations on distance between the different parts of the CloudSystem Matrix
  • What are the max latency accepted
  • Do we need layer 2 or 3 switching between sites
  • What issues do we need to be aware of



Vincent replied:






No, it’s not supported. A CloudSystem Matrix starter kit and its expansion kits must be in the same datacenter. Your customer would need another starter kit with its own Central Management Server in the second location.




Any other comments or suggestions?

See more info on the CloudSystem Matrix at :