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HP Integrity BL860c i4 Server Blade - Mix 8core and 4core CPUs

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HP Integrity BL860c i4 Server Blade - Mix 8core and 4core CPUs

Customer question from Binu:




Hi Experts


Customer has asked for 12-core Integrity server


The HP Integrity BL860c i4 Server Blade supports 2x 8-core / 2x 4-core  9500 processors




Can it support 1x8-core + 1x 4-core CPU to make it 12 core? Means mixing and installing a 8-core and  4-core CPU together


Or 2x8-core or 2x 4-core combination only works ?



I am NOT looking at vPAR  solution , where I can restrict CPU at core levels also.

Anything possible from hardware side.




Reply from Brian:




All of the processors in the Integrity blades need to be identical—so mixing of processors is not supported.