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HP P721m/2GB 650072-B2

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HP P721m/2GB 650072-B2

Hi All,


I'm wanting to confirm what are the max physical sas drive sizes that this array card can support ?


For example a P700M will only detect a 2TB sas drive, even if you attached a 3TB sas disk, 2TB will be detected


I'm wanting to attached some 3TB and 4TB SAS disks to the P721m card, just trying to confirm max PV size


Regards, Daniel

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Re: HP P721m/2GB 650072-B2

Best thing I could find was this:


Suggests that at least 3TB drives are supported.  In reviewing QuickSpecs, drive compatability is deferred to the drive enclosure being used.  However, nothing in the Quick Specs for, say a D2700, mention what controllers support what drives.


Also, FYI, the P721m is only supported in Gen8+ blades.



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Re: HP P721m/2GB 650072-B2

I've since run 4TB drives without any issues on this raid card (P721m/2GB 650072-B2)

I"m sure at some point I"ll try 6TB drives