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HP Proliant BL680c Blue Screen

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HP Proliant BL680c Blue Screen

Hi all! sorry for my English, BL680c server shows BSOD when connected to him by the RPD, here is the log with the error:

Caution POST Message 04/22/2013 09:26 04/22/2013 09:26 1 POST Error: A Critical Error occurred prior to this power-up
Critical OS 04/22/2013 09:23 04/22/2013 09:23 1 Abnormal Program Termination (Windows bug check, STOP: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFFA801328D028, 0x00000000B2000000, 0x0000000080200E0F))
Critical Host Bus 04/22/2013 09:23 04/22/2013 09:23 1 Unrecoverable Intermodule Bus error (Error code 0x642041B7)



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Re: HP Proliant BL680c Blue Screen

Check if the BIOS is the latest. If not download the latest version from the following link:


HP ProLiant BL680c G7 Servers: Version:2012.04.20 (A) (18 May 2012)


HP ProLiant BL680c G5 Servers: 2011.05.02 (A) (20 Jul 2011)



Also update the iLO firmware from the following link:


HP ProLiant BL680c G5 Server Blade:


HP ProLiant BL680c G7 Server:


Click  “Firmware - Lights-Out Management” to locate the firmware link:


Also, ensure that all the enclosure components are the firmware  in the BladeSystem firmware matrix, available in HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP):


Boot the server from the current version SPPversion 2013.02.0 and update server components.






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Re: HP Proliant BL680c Blue Screen

ProLiant BL680c G5 Bios version I17 05/02/2011, ILO version 2.15 Jan 17 2013, controller ver. 7.24

more ideas?