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HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”

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HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”


We have recently installed a HP SUM v8.0.0 to manage our hardware updates on BL460c Gen9.

Also, we have added a baseline with SPP 2017.10.1.

We have lots of warnings about "component signature file missing". The affected components do not have the associated .compsig file.

Due to this, these components are not considered for upgrade.

How can we solve this?.


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Re: HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”

Missing signature files don't prevent components from installing - it just prevents them from installing via iLO Repository on Gen 10. Components without signature files can still install via offline mode (boot to SPP) and by running SUM directly to the OS.

All Gen 10 components should have valid signature files, but there's a known problem in SUM 8.0 (and 8.1, sadly) where some Gen 10 components still show missing signature files. This has been corrected in a yet-unreleased SUM version.


Re: HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”

A missing "component signature file" is only a warning for Gen9 server components, and it should not prevent the components from update. The reason that component was not considered for the update could be something else, and generally gets logged to  %localappdata%/sum/localhost/node.log (/var/tmp/sum/localhost/node.log on Linux). What OS is this? Or, you can run gatherlogs from SPP/packages direcotry and attach the logs archive here.

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Re: HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”

Unfortunately you can only attach pictures nowadays ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP SUM 8.0.0 - “component signature file missing”


The problem is located in HPSUM caché files.

You must to do the next steps:

1.- Stop sum64_bin_x64.exe and sum_service_x64.exe processes.

2.- In SPP folder packages you have to execute clean-cache.bat and press (Y)es

3.- Execute SUM again as Administrator (launch_sum.bat)