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HP Virtual connect and BL620 G7 - Embedded NICS NIC speed show up as "Down".

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HP Virtual connect and BL620 G7 - Embedded NICS NIC speed show up as "Down".

Steve was having a NIC problem:




I have a BL620 G7 blade which the embedded NIC speed shows “Down” but the MEZ NIC has proper status.  I have moved the blade between two enclosures and multiple slots and these NICs speed state remains “Down”.


This blade was operational, but when I powered it down to move to another enclosure it started to experience this issue.


I found SAW articles that suggested to power down the blade, un‑assign the profile from the server bay, power up the blade, power down the blade, then assign the profile to the server bay.  That process did not work. 


The ESX server is running ESXi 5.0.0, 914586, driver be2net and all the firmware on the Blade. In addition, I have upgraded the firmware on the OA, and the Virtual connects to 3.70.


Any other suggestions on how to get these NICs back online?




Input from Chad:




Need to also update the firmware on the Emulex LOM


  • firmware-version: 4.1.402.8


If I recall , that version was problematic. Need to go to 4.1.450.16, which is not in the latest SPP




Reply from Steve:




Upgrading the firmware to 4.1.450.16 fixed the problem.






Any other comments?