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Re: HPE FlexFabric 536FLB NIC - Firmware - Version Differences?

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HPE FlexFabric 536FLB NIC - Firmware - Version Differences?


I have various BL460C Gen.10 with HPE FlexFabric 536FLB NIC.
As far as I know this NIC uses Broadcom 57840. (QLogic Netxtreme 2, bnx2x, or however it is beeing called ...)

My OS is Citrix XenServer 7. I am troubleshooting problems with network performance. I got recommended to update the NIC firmware to latest version.
The latest version should be 2.23.0
Link to HP-support article:

I did use the latest HPE Proliant Support Pack ISO to update the firmwares.
It seemed strange, that the latest firmware-version 2.23.0 is from 27. November 2018 and my server-blade has last been updated in summer and there was no update necessary?

The tool uses a different versioning and tells me something about version "7.17.19", which is also somehow mentioned on the HPE support article as combo image?

Additional if I run "ethool -i eth0" in OS, the system tells me a firmware-version of "7.15.24", which is also listed on HPE support article as "Boot code version".

Now I am confused. What is going on. Am I using firmware 2.23.0, when installing 7.17.19?

Thank you


Re: HPE FlexFabric 536FLB NIC - Firmware - Version Differences?

Hi MGoggia,


Good Day.. Firmware version is v7.17.19 you can find this information in the release notes tab.  Utility version is 2.23.0.


If you face any further issues with the card then request you to log a case with us using the below link:-




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