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HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10

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HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10

HI Team, 

We have HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR on Gen10 DL 380 server , In this  Controller Mode: Mixed it was assinged default. This controller operates in mixed mode which combines RAID and HBA operations simultaneously. Disks naming are getting chagned, getting confusion while do the automat installation. My question is , any way to change the controller mode to RAID mode instead of Mixed mode on tn this controller. There is CLI command to change but didnt work for me and throughs error. 

ctrl slot=1 port CN0 modify portmode=raid


Error: This operation is not supported with the current configuration. Use the

       "show" command on devices to show additional details about the


Reason: Not supported


Anyone can help me in this. 



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Re: HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10

AFAIK these controllers are always in this mixed (hybrid) mode.

Any drive that is not a member of a logical drive or assigned as a spare is presented to the operating system. This occurs by default without any user intervention. Logical drives are also presented to the operating system.
Controllers that support mixed RAID and HBA mode have the ability to reduce the number of controllers in the system and efficiently use drive bays within a backplane. As an example, a solution that needs all of the drives presented as HBA with the exception of a two-drive mirror for boot support can be accomplished with a single controller attached to a single backplane.

Hope this helps!

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Re: HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR Gen10

Hi Torsten, 


Thanks for your update. So there is no option to change the controller mode from Mixed mode to Raid Mode in the latest controller. ? am i right ?