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Help with first time setup of C7000

Occasional Advisor

Help with first time setup of C7000

I purchased a BLC7000 chassis with two Gen7 blades and two Cisco 3120X Interconnect modules and am having trouble getting things working. I would appreciate some help from someone who is experienced with these to point me in the right direction.

I am able to succesfully connect to the primary onboard administrator. I have assigned an ip address to it and can connect to it via a web browser. I have done the first time setup and have changed the password of Administrator from the default.

Here is a list of items I am unable to do:

1. I am unable to assign a network address to the ILO port on either Gen7 blade. I have done the setup in the EBIPA but it does not seem to take affect. This is stopping me from being able to connect to the blades and do an install.

2. I am unable to do the first time setup on the Cisco 3120x's. The onboard administrator is assigning a dhcp address via FA0 to it but when I try to connect to it via a web browser I am prompted for a user id and password. Since the instructions in the getting started manual  do not indicate you will be prompted for a userid and password I do not know what to enter. I have tried the onboard administrator account login but it does not work.

3. When I run a working network cable into one of the 3120X's and connect the onblaord administrator network cable to the same 3120X it does not work meaning the onboard administrator does not get its dhcp address. My experience with cisco switches is ports are on by default so I am unsure why this is not working. I am using a switch external to the BLC7000 for now.

Where I would like to wind up is using the 3120X's as the Aggregation layer switches for everything in my rack. I have another server that is not a blade server and an MSA2000 that I need to be able to connect to the network for both management and ISCSI.

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Re: Help with first time setup of C7000

Was this equipment used? It sounds like the Cisco switches are. Plug a standard cisco serial cable in to them and then press their mode button until the MMBR light flashes and then goes dark (like 15 seconds). That should clear their configuration and return them to factory default. Then you should see them boot through the serial console. Answer "no" to the initial configuration dialog. At this point do "enable" and "write erase" and confirm to clear the configuration file and "del vlan*" to clear any VLAN configuration. I would also delete any other files except the Cisco IOS images. Then exit and reboot. Reset the mode button again for factory configuration. Answer "no" again and when you're in issue "enable" and "write" to save the current configuration.

Now a "show config" should show interface FastEthernet0 as configured for "ip address dhcp". Then either the OA can assign an IP or it will pick up one from your local DHCP server.

I had to do this to overcome the shenanigans that the previous owner configured my 3120s for.

I would not plug the OA's network into the 3120. That's seems to be asking for trouble if either goes down.