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Hot add/remove cpu/memory for windows 2008/2012

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Hot add/remove cpu/memory for windows 2008/2012

Request from Dejan:




Does somebody have latest official tables with support for hot add/remove cpu/memory per version of windows and linux as VM.




Reply from Adam:




For VMware 5.1, the compatibility guide has a list of which OS’s VMware support. ( Look for hot-add memory and hot-add vCPU.

For Hyper-V only Hot-Add of memory is supported (I think) I’m afraid I don’t know which guest-OS’s are supported with this feature though.


I don’t think ‘hot remove’ of memory or CPU  is supported on vmware or on hyper-V.


For the guest OS’s I don’t think hot-remove support is quite there on physical hw either.

Linux kernel patches seem to be going through now that look at hot-remove of memory and CPU, but they are very new.

I believe that Red-Hat can support logical removal of memory and CPU but not yet physical, but I don’t know how that would translate into the virtual world.





Any other help?


Re: Hot add/remove cpu/memory for windows 2008/2012

As far as I see, ESXi doesn't support hot remove CPU/RAM for Windows Server.

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Re: Hot add/remove cpu/memory for windows 2008/2012

Hot Add CUP/Memory supported in windows 2008 R2(only Datacenter Edition), Hot add CPU is the ability to dynamically add CPUs to a running system. Adding CPUs can occur physically by adding new hardware, logically by online hardware partitioning, or virtually through a virtualization layer. Starting with SQL Server 2008, SQL Server supports hot add CPU.


Requirements for hot add CPU:

  • Requires hardware that supports hot add CPU.

  • Requires the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 Datacenter or the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition for Itanium-Based Systems operating system.

  • Requires SQL Server Enterprise.

  • SQL Server cannot be configured to use soft NUMA.