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How do I verify NC553i FW from within Linux (RHEL 6)?

Trusted Contributor

How do I verify NC553i FW from within Linux (RHEL 6)?

Markus was looking for some firmware info and the tool to use to get it:




Hi all,


I’m trying to verify the NC553i (BL460c LOM) firmware rev online from within RHEL 6 – any ideas are greatly appreciated.


HPSUM (9.30c) claimed 2 out of 8 were up to date and then failed to flash the other six. Tried OneConnect instead, which claims to have succeeded, but how do I verify that without booting into SUM again to see if SUM now sees 8 of 8 update?


BTW – we did use HPSUM to verify that OneConnect worked, but something more elegant would be much appreciated.




Marc replied:




Have you checked here:




Markus answered:






We have the proper PSP, but the OS load is temporary and we haven’t bothered loading the PSP onto it.


Are there any built-in Linux commands to query the LOM (NC553i) firmware? I’m drawing a blank on that one today…




Greg responded to this request:




# ethtool –i eth0




Any other comments or suggestions??