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How do you Configure the HW iSCSI on G7/Gen8 Emulex CNAs?

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How do you Configure the HW iSCSI on G7/Gen8 Emulex CNAs?

Dan had an iSCSI question:




I had a customer ask today and I realized I had no idea as I have never done it before myself.


If the HW iSCSI HBA function shows up as an HBA and not a NIC, how do you configure it with a static IP Address so it knows how to talk to the rest of the network?


My customer in question uses RHEL but I would have the same question for Windows and VMware.


Is Emulex OneCommand Manager required or is there another way?




Input from Chris:

You need to boot it into the Emulex BIOS during POST and configure the properties of it (static or DHCP address, iSCSI Portal IP, authentication security, etc.)  Yes, the Emulex OneCommand Manager can be used to configure it, but only when an OS is present.


And from Arnout:

Newest iSCSI whitepaper is here:





Any other suggestions or comments?