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How to connect USB drive on C7000 BL 460c G6 blade.

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How to connect USB drive on C7000 BL 460c G6 blade.

Khasim was looking for help on connecting a USB disk to his blades:




I am trying to access USB disk from BL 460c G6 bladed installed on c7000 enclosure. Below are action which I took to see USB drive by booting blade with Symantec ghost bootable image. Actually we have requirement to install BL 460 G6 Blades by using Ghost image taken from BL 460 G6.


·         Connected USB disk to front IO port by using dongle. Unable to detect it.


·         Connected USB disk to active OA USB port . Unable to detect it.


·         Updated BIOS to latest version. Still not able to find USB disk.


Your help is much appreciated.




Some help from Steve:




As long as your OA is >= 2.32, you can use the USB on the active OA.  If going through the OA, simply copy the .iso to the media - do not try to make the media bootable.  Just drag and drop your ISO images onto the stick and plug it in the OA.  After you have done this, you need to go into the OA, go to "device bays" in the left pane, then you should be able to click the DVD drop down menu and see all ISO images that are on the media.  You can then connect it to the server(s) you want.  When you reboot the server, it should by default boot off of the ISO image you have selected.


And was going to say that if the image is bootable (ie not just an ISO sitting on media), then you cannot put it in the OA USB.  Bootable image must be on the dongle (and of course verify that the BIOS has you looking there first).




From Dave:




If it is a disk, it needs to be externally powered.


Is this an external disk or a USB thumb drive? The server USB port is low current and will not power an external disk.


The OA only recognizes only the FAT32 and EXT2 file formats.

The OA only recognizes three file extensions, .iso .bin and .cfg .

The ISO needs to assigned in the GUI, front display or CLI.

The BIN is used to upgrade the OA FW

The CFG is used for the OA config backup / restore.

I believe the OA needs to be greater than 2.35 to recognize a USB thumb drive.



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