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How to increase HPE Enclosure power utilization

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How to increase HPE Enclosure power utilization

Is there a possiblity to increese power on a HPE Encloser to increese performance?


Re: How to increase HPE Enclosure power utilization

In BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 Enclosure power management systems enable you to configure the enclosure to meet your needs. You can choose from the different power management options on the Onboard Administrator Power Management screen.  Independent of the redundancy mode enabled, all operational power supplies present in the enclosure are typically active and share in delivering the enclosure power needs. If Dynamic Power mode is enabled, some power supplies might automatically be placed on standby to increase overall enclosure power efficiency.


From Enclosure power management you can configure Power Supply Redundant and Not Redundant to increase power available on a HPE c7000 Encloser.


Please refer HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator User Guide (Page number 89-93) for more information.

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