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How to update NC543i firmware on BL2x220 G7 blade?

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How to update NC543i firmware on BL2x220 G7 blade?

Lucinda has a customer question:




Hi all,


                I have a customer who is using the Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit automation software to push OS images, and several large graphics packages, to new BL2x220 G7 servers.  This software used WinPE, I guess similar to Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)/Insight Deployment .  And it won’t work with the NC543i embedded 10 Gb NIC in the BL2x220 G7.  It did work with the 1 Gb NIC 1 on the BL2x220, but that NIC is only 1 Gb and not Virutal Connect Flex-10 capable.  So we moved the customer’s 2 VC Flex-10 cards to interconnect bays 5 and 7 and they got their 10Gb thru-put and 4 Flex-NIC’s  that they need for production.  But they had only loaded operating systems on a few of their BL2x220’s and now they can’t get the OS loaded on the other’s.


                There is an advisory that speaks to a similar issue with RDP and says that newer firmware for the NC543i might help.  I don’t know how to see what the firmware currently is on this embedded NIC.  And when I download the newer firmware, the installation instructions seem Greek to me (also attached). I am willing to go back to site to push firmware to one of the BL2x220 G7’s, if I could figure out how to do it.  Then we would know if firmware will make any difference.




Hoa had some advice:




Under Network Configuration Utility Icon (HP Icon on lower right hand Task Bar)  you can find Adapter Properties > Info tab > Slide down you can find associate NIC firmware version info.


NCU pic.jpg




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