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ILO .NET IRC Issues with Application Signing (Unknown Publisher)

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ILO .NET IRC Issues with Application Signing (Unknown Publisher)


we Replaces the Certificates of all Blade ILOs to a SHA256 Certificate by our own CA. The CA Root Certificate is stored in Computer Trusted Root Certs and when we open ILO 4 (Version 2.50) Web Administration the Site is trusted.

Unfortunatly, when i try to open a .Net IRC Console, a question window appears, that means, that "Publisher cannot be verified, Are you sure you want to run this application".

After Clicking "Run" it works, but the Window occours everytime when IE was reopened. Because we have a large installation and many Users what should use the .Net IRC we need some policy based solution. I already try to import the ILO Certificate to trusted publishers and also to Trusted Root Ca but without success...

I checked the application.manifest File and it seems, the ILO IRC is not using the new Cert from our CA. i see this:

<publisherIdentity name="CN=Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, OU=HP Cyber Security, O=Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, STREET=3000 Hanover Street, L=Palo Alto, S=CA, PostalCode=94304, C=US"

Probably it will be ok to just add this Cert to trusted publishers, but where can i found this Cert?

Thank you