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ILO boot incomplete while rebooting

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ILO boot incomplete while rebooting

I am using BL460c Gen9 HPE blades in C7000 Enclosure. We have ubuntu 14.04 OS installed on the baldes.

The blade NIC configuration is as below:

1. 536FLB NIC --> Connecting to Flex D/10D Connector on back plane in Bay 1 & 2

2. 560M NIC --> Connecting to Passthrough Connectgor on back plane in Bay 3 & 4

3. 534M NIC --> Connecting to Passthrough Connectgor on back plane in Bay 5 & 6

The set-up was using PXE boot after the installation. And recently we had to change 534M cards with "QMH2672 16Gb FC HBA" cards connecting to Brocade SAN switch in Bay 5 & 6.

After the replacement when blades were powered on they are not completing the booting from ILO console point of view.

The PXE boot was using 1st NIC described above.

Please let me know if there is a way to still complete the booting and any way around to resolve the situation.

A screenshot of ILO gui is attached for your reference.

An urgent feedback is hihgly appreciated.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ILO boot incomplete while rebooting

The title of your thread shold probably read 'After changing NIC, system no longer completes PXE boot' as iLO really is not involved in your systems boot process.  From your screenshot, it appears the PXE boot process starts but hangs at some point.

If you re-install the 534M does the system boot normally?  If this is the case you need to understand what process or function was using the 534M

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