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IML Logs not updating - HP BL680c G5

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IML Logs not updating - HP BL680c G5

Hi, i am noticing that the IML logs on the HP BL680c G5 at a customer site havent been updating since installation and comissioning. Recently, my client had a server failure and the blade refused power on from ilO2, that's when I was called in.

The blade had critical nic error on the front led, and internal health  led was also critical. I pulled out the blade from the enc, and inserted it back and was able to power on.

Server is running  Solaris 10 5/09 s10x_u7wos_08 X86.

The latest entry on the IML log from the OA is 11 Sep 2009. How can i get the IML logs to update? Where else can I get the hardware logs apart from this? 


Re: IML Logs not updating - HP BL680c G5

If the server is not logging any entries in IML, there are a few things that you check on the Windows and Linux Servers - Not sure about Solaris (maybe some one else can correct this post) - Check the IML Agents in OS to see if they are upto date , then the server iLO2 Firmware and BIOS (system ROM) - see if they are latest versions.

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Re: IML Logs not updating - HP BL680c G5

Seeing similar issue on BL460s. Last update August 2013. When I clear the IML log I get that entry fine. How can I make sure the logging is working?