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IP Error iLO 3 on c7000 enclosure

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IP Error iLO 3 on c7000 enclosure

Out of 13 Blade Server on a c7000 enclosure, I am getting either of these error messages on 3 and I cannot connect to them remotely through iLO:

The Onboard Administrator cannot communicate with iLO. Please check iLO network configuration. or

Could not determine the IP address of the management processor for the requested blade.


I have reset iLO settings through both the Security Override Jumper and directing on the ILO itself (SUV cable) but no result.


What would be the next step to tape.






Re: IP Error iLO 3 on c7000 enclosure

Problem resolved. It happens that some IP were still configured on another old systems

Occasional Advisor

Re: IP Error iLO 3 on c7000 enclosure

how it is resolved ?

can you say the details please as i am having the same problem