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Increasing Blade HDD size online

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Increasing Blade HDD size online

Gautham had a customer question on changing HDD in a blade:




A customer to replace their DAS on their blades(2 HDD in Raid10 config) from a 146GB to 300GB online & without using a backup and restore method.





Input from Don:




There is always the works but unsupported method.  This depends on the raid controller code as this did work before but might have been updated/removed or otherwise prevented in the newer versions.


Since the drives are mirrored – remove one drive and replace it with the new larger drive.  Allow the raid to rebuild.  Once rebuilt, do the same with the remaining drive. 


Once the drive rebuilds, the space “Should” be available.


Again – not supported but it did work in older versions when I did field work (3 years ago now)




Jim also replied:




Breaking the mirror lets you replace half of the drives in a RAID 1 or RAID 1(+0) array with larger capacity drives and rebuild the new drives. Afterwards, you can replace the remaining half of the original drives with another set of new drives and then rebuild again. Once this is complete, you can use the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) to increase the logical drive size or to configure additional volumes.


RAID 1(+0): breaking mirrors and rebuilding drives




Other comments or suggestions?