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Infiniband 545M Adapter not recognized by Windows

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Infiniband 545M Adapter not recognized by Windows

I am new to C7000s.

In 4x BL460c gen8 blades.  I have installed the Infiniband FDR 2 Port 545M Adapter 702213-B21. 

The card does not show up in Windows.  I have tried in Win12 R2 and Win16 but it shows in Device Manager as Other Device(unrecognized)

I have installed the HPE Mellanox 5.35 driver

Updated the firmware on the 545M cards to the current version.

I have FDR IB Interconnects modules in 5 and 6, 7 and 8.

The bios of the blade shows IRQs assigned to most devices, 10Gb Flex, P220i, etc.  But there are no IRQs assigned to the 545M(not sure if this matters).  In the bios under PCI Devices the 545M shows along with the 10G Emulex, I can enable/disable them so the MB sees the 545M. 

Not sure why the 545M is ont working. Wondering if there is a conflict or something that has to be configured.

I cannot find an install manual or setup guide.

Spent days on this and it is driving me crazy.  Any help would be greatly appreceated.



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Re: Infiniband 545M Adapter not recognized by Windows

Through more reseach it appears the 545M IB Adapter is not supported in Windows.  The only drivers offered by HPE are for Linux.