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Integrity BL860c i2 - can't access ILO

Darren Etheridge_2
Super Advisor

Integrity BL860c i2 - can't access ILO

When trying to access the blade server ILO, I get the message : Unable to start a telnet session.  Reset the hub.


To fix the problem I have to power down the blade server and pull the server out and put it back in the chassis.   Anyone else had this problem and how can we fix it?





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Re: Integrity BL860c i2 - can't access ILO

This could be a problem of older firmware. Consider to update to 26.36.


Bundle Version :26.36

System Firmware Version: 1.95
FPGA Firmware Version: 2.02
iLO-3 Firmware Version: 01.55.02
Power Monitor Firmware Version: 03.04



Don't forget to update the smartarray and the LOMs too:

Hope this helps!

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