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Integrity blade upgrade kits--No OS reinstall

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Integrity blade upgrade kits--No OS reinstall

Brian had some good info for us regarding the Integrity blades:






One of the unique features of the Integrity BL8x0c i2 blades is the ability to upgrade from the 2-socket BL860c i2 to the 4-socket BL870c i2 and to the 8-socket BL890c i2. To date, an OS reinstall has been required when upgrading as more testing was required to validate configurations that might not require an OS reinstall.


Testing has validated a number of configurations do not require an OS reinstall when upgrading Integrity BL8x0c i2 blades. These are shown in the table below.






Basically it boils down to HP-UX configurations not running HP Integrity Virtual Machines, don’t require an OS reinstall when upgrading. For more details, see the “HP Integrity BL860c i2, BL870c i2 & BL890c i2 Server Blade User Service Guide” located at the following locations.




As additional testing is completed, these configurations will be documented in the Service Guide and posted to the links referenced above.




Great info from Brian. Keep uptodate by referring to the info at the link above.