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Is there a BL870 I2 blade firmware compatiblity chart?

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Is there a BL870 I2 blade firmware compatiblity chart?

Joe had an Integrity blade quesiton:




Is there a compatibility chart for I2 blade like the one for ProLiant Blades? Current levels are OA 3.11, VC 3.15, VC fibre 1.14 and BL870c I2 system ROM 1.08 with iLO-3  1.30.   Sept 2010 11.31 OE.  We cannot upgrade the ROM right now but can you go to the latest OA 3.21 and still be compatible system ROM firmware?


Thank you,




Brian had some info for Joe:






The minimum firmware requirements for the Integrity BL8x0c i2 blades can be found on the Q&A tabs of the Integrity blade product pages. Here is a direct link.


I realize this is not exactly what you are looking for but it is what we have been using while waiting on the Integrity blade firmware charts to be completed. In the next couple of days, I am told the HP BladeSystem Firmware compatibility chart will be updated to include Integrity blade firmware release sets. See:






Take a look and see if it can help you.