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Looking for guidance on how to add second drive to single drive array

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Looking for guidance on how to add second drive to single drive array

James was helping a customer:




I have a customer with a BL460c G6 that is booting from the internal p410i Smart Array controller which has a single SAS Array made up of only one disk.  Thus, they have no redundancy if this drive fails.  There is a second drive installed in the blade, but it is unused and not part of any array.  When I try to expand the array onto the second drive, the message given implies that the total disk space will be increased (as in stripped).  We don’t want to stripe the drive to increase size, we want to mirror the drive for increased redundancy.  Does anyone know of a procedure to do this online without a full wipe and restore?




Help from Ken:




This is a (somewhat confusing) 2 part process. To migrate from RAID0 to RAID1:

-          Expand the array onto the 2nd drive. This increases the available space, but does not change the logical drive

-          Migrate the logical drive settings to the desired RAID setting. This will utilize the additional space for the logical drive.

OF course, backups should be taken first!

If you have a couple of spare disks, you can practice the process on non-production disks first to reassure yourself

These steps are outlined in:

Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide,




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