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Looking for help setting Integrity blade serial number.

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Looking for help setting Integrity blade serial number.

Arlan had an Integrity customer issue:




A customer received BL870c i2 blades with “odd slot” blade links, but they were supposed to get “even slot” blade links. So the blades can’t be installed in the available chassis slots.

We have ordered the correct blade links for them, but I know those will show up with an “uninitialized” serial number.


Once the blades are installed and the correct blade link is installed, what’s the procedure to set the serial number on the blade links to what they are supposed to be?




Info from Jay:




The system parameters are all stored in NVRAM of the system board, so watch the console when it finishes POST.  It will prompt you to copy the data to the new SBL.  If that does not work for some reason, go in to the iLO CM command mode and run SYSSET which will then prompt you to copy over the data.  Then you can run the sysset command again which should show that the primary & secondary values are identical.






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Re: Looking for help setting Integrity blade serial number.

Note: a manual write operation of sysset is password protected.

Hope this helps!

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