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Maximum supported memory on E7-4830 CPU's in BL680c G7

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Maximum supported memory on E7-4830 CPU's in BL680c G7

Arnout had a memory configuration question:






I am building a config for a BL680c G7 server with the E7-4830 CPU’s, but I have problems finding a clear statement on the maximum supported memory.


The following link says the max. memory is 32GB:


But our quickspecs state the max. memory is 2TB:


I am assuming the intel link specifies the 32GB as max memory size per DIMM, but I was hoping somebody could confirm…


Kind regards,




Ramu replied:




32GB is maximum memory in one DIMM module….2TB is for the server (64* 32GB)…




Comments or questions? Are you using 32GB DIMMs?