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Meaning of e.g. (B), (C), etc. versions of BIOS/Firmware

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Meaning of e.g. (B), (C), etc. versions of BIOS/Firmware

A question from Dennis:




From HP Business Support Center I was trying to download the latest online Linux BIOS for the BL460c Gen8 (2013.09.08 (B), (13 Aug 2013) – CP021320.scexe), but there seems to be a problem with the link to the download file :


Later on I checked HP Support Center and from there I found BIOS version 2013.09.08 (C),  (29 Aug 2013), CP021603.scexe  (the (B) version was not even mentioned in the Revision History TAB  …)


I understood either of them can be used (i.e. actually same BIOS/FW version).


è  Can someone explain to me the meaning of the (B), (C), etc. additions ?   …. And is this documented somewhere ?



Many thanks in advance.




Reply from Hiro:




Firmware itself is same. It means just only tools internally using to update firmware is modefied.




Input from Dan:




Just means a minor revision or enhancement.


As Hiro pointed out, in the case of the BIOS Firmware it was a deployment tool that was fixed, not the firmware file.


In the case of the SPP, there were a handful of minor fixed and changes to the whole SPP bundle, but not enough to warrant giving it a new name.  The intent was to fix issues in that SPP and so a (B) revision was added.