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Memory configuration rule for BL2x220c G7

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Memory configuration rule for BL2x220c G7

Ping had a question on the BL2X220c G7 blades:






Now we want to do a BL2x220c G7 configuration which each CPU will have 2*8G memory. But…


In the Product Bulletin, it says as following:

“BL2x220c G7 requires a minimum 2 DIMMs per cpu (4 per server node) to be populated when using 80W, 60W or 40W processors. 3 DIMMs per cpu must be populated when using 95W processors (6 per server node).”


Would you please help to answer why 3 DIMMs per cpu must be populated when using 95W processors? Why there are no such restriction for other Blade server, such as BL460?




Randy answered Ping's question:




I worked with the Houston Engineering teams while I was producing the video on the G7 Blades.


The design of the BL2x220c G7, with its component density, has very strict thermal requirements.  With the higher wattage processors, all memory slots must be filled in order to ensure that the proper amount of airflow is directed across the processor heatsinks.  The "obstructions" caused by the physical presence of the DIMMs ensure all components, memory and processors, have adequate airflow.  With lower wattage processors, you can have two DIMMs.  The diversion of air through the empty DIMM slots is not enough to cause problems with the lower wattage processors since there are not the same heat dissipation issues.


The BL2x220c G7 is designed to be a high-density blade, so it is best to deploy it fully loaded.  The BL460c does not have the same density issues for the given amount of physical space.


Hope this helps.




Thanks for the info Randy. Other comments or questions??