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Memory types in a BL 460c G8

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Memory types in a BL 460c G8



Could someone explains me the diff. between these 3 types of memory that I can see is in the bl 460c G8 quick specs


PC3L-10600R (DDR3-1333 Registered DIMMs at 1.35V)

PC3L-12800R (DDR3-1600 Registered DIMMs at 1.35V)

PC3-14900R (DDR3-1866 Registered DIMMs at 1.5V)


assume they all fit in the G8 model or is it depending on which model of the G8 ?


actually the same question for G7 and before.

What memory is working of the one I can find in the quickspec and when...

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Re: Memory types in a BL 460c G8



The main difference  is with repect to voltage and different operating speeds (Date Transfer Rate)


And in Gen8 servers, HP SmartMemory technology for DDR3 memory is used. All the Gen8 memory modules are not compatible with all Gen8 models. Compatibility is based on the server configurtion (model wise and processor wise)


DIMM speed.jpg


You can find more information about Gen8 memory configuration and using DDR3 memory with HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers is available at:


I hope you find this informatipon helpful !



Renji V





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