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Microsoft Hyper-V and QMH4062 iSCSI HBA card issue

Trusted Contributor

Microsoft Hyper-V and QMH4062 iSCSI HBA card issue

Alexei had a a question regarding an iSCSI HBA:




Hello, Experts


My customer has blade server with iSCSI card QMH4062 inside.

It works fine under Windows 2008 R2 as Network and iSCSI card.

It is in Microsoft HCL for Hyper-V.

But, when customer adds Hyper-V role for his server this card loses iSCSI connectivity.

In other words: when customer assign virtual switch to this card – iSCSI connectivity to Lefthand storage fails.


Any ideas?




Vincent had a suggestion to solve the problem:




Did you install HP’s NIC teaming driver and NCU ? The Hyper-V role MUST be added before installing NCU.




Any comments or other suggestions?