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Mid plane speeds

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Mid plane speeds

Hi Everyone,

I am look for a bit of guidance.   We are going to be putting 4 BL660C blades that have 8GB fiber mezzanine cards in a chassis that will have 2 brocade 16GB/28 SAN switches in bays 3 and 4.

We will then add in 4 other BL 660c blades with a 16 GB HBA mezzanine cards.

Is there any impact or issues mixing 8GB and 16 GB HBA's in the same chassis?   Will we get the full benefit of the 16 GB performance or will the maximum be 8GB i.e. everything will operate at the common speed (8GB)?



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Re: Mid plane speeds

The brocade for blades work the same way as a standalone would do, each port will set the speed that matches the speed of the connected system individually.

Hope this helps!

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