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Migrate from HDD to SSD


Migrate from HDD to SSD



we would like to migrate one of our blades server from 2x147GB 15K SAS HDD to 2x HP 200GB 3G SATA SSD.

The Blade is a BL460c G7 with a P410i Controller. The two HDDs are running as Raid1.


We would do the Migration without downtime if posible, so we think about this...

We replace one drive with the new SSD, waitig for the rebuild and then we replace the secound HDD.


Would that work?




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Re: Migrate from HDD to SSD

I'm sorry to say, I don't think it would work because you can't mix SAS and Sata on the controller. It can handle either SAS or Sata drives but all have to be same. If you had larger SAS drives you could replace them one at a time, wait for a "rebuild" to complete then replace the other.


If controller is "expecting a SAS disk " in whatever position you remove one of the disks, I don't think it would even see the disk to start a rebuild.


Disclaimer: I've not attempted this, so I could be wrong. I'm just going by what I know of controllers.


Always, before you try anything, have a good backup.....I learned the hard way ...ONCE !


good luck,



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Re: Migrate from HDD to SSD

Here the QuickSpecs for P410 series :

Key Features :

Mix-and-match SAS and SATA hard drives, lets you deploy drive technology as needed to fit your
computing environment.
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Re: Migrate from HDD to SSD

This may be a duplicate thread, as I recall seeing this question in the past week.


Both answers provided are partially correct.


Yes, the newer generations of Smart Array controllers can use both SAS and SATA drives. The caveat is they cannot be mixed in the same array. 


i.e. Array A can be SAS drives, and Array B can be SATA drives. Array (x) cannot contain both SAS and SATA drives



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